Tour de Fleece roundup

It's been a wooly few weeks.

TdF total haul

That right there is 2425 yds of spun yarn (of varying ply numbers ranging from 1-3), totalling 51.3 oz (3.2 pounds) and 20 oz more of handdyed BFL fiber that I got distracted with somewhere along the line there (more on that later perhaps). Clockwise from the right side: 3 skeins of 3-ply Romney from Hello Yarn in "Timber" with a mini-skein of chain plied leftover singles, 1 skein of merino/alpaca/camel/silk blend from Krafty Koala that I picked up at Knit Nation and couldn't resist, 5 mini-skeins (~30 yds each) of natural colored Shetland that I spun up as bulky samples for a biiiiiig sweater coat project idea percolating in my head. Then there's a teensy skein of purple merino/Shetland blend that Judith handed out in her class at Knit Nation which I finally plied and washed. Next up: my experiment with thick and thin singles in Amy's "Twenty Ten" Corriedale. Then David's glorious Polwarth in "Cairns": one skein of 3-ply and one skein of 2-ply from the leftover singles. Finally, in the middle, 4 skeins of incredible drapey mohair/nylon/merino from Hello Yarn again. Originally one colorway ("Loch") of orange/olive/blue/green, which I split into two color groups and spun separately. The Romney is going to become a sweater for me me me, and I think Loch will be some kind of triangular shawl with some garter ridges. The rest of it is as yet un-assigned to particular projects.

Once again, the Tour de Fleece was an absolute blast. I did about 12 oz more then I managed last year (one of the goals on my List), got through one of my (at least) three sweater lots of Hello Yarn fiber, and got to spin new-to-me fibers (Polwarth, mohair blend, merino/alpaca/camel/silk). Plus I've got material for several weeks of Fiber Friday posts.

I must say that I'm not terribly motivated to start the wheel spinning again anytime soon, but...tomorrow is Tuesday, and according to Stephanie, Tuesdays are for spinning. There is some Spunky Eclectic Panda that I was wanting to get to...