Blue July

Well, August has suddenly arrived in full swing (it's gotten hot here, FINALLY!!!!), and I've discovered that there was quite a bit of blue in my fibery pursuits last month.

These include: some yarn I overdyed for a new men's sweater design, but ended up with some dyelot issues, a lovely pile of merino/alpaca/camel/silk fiber from Knit Nation, mohair/nylon/merino from Adrian, a finished Lacey Baktus for Dev's Year 1 teacher, my first Polwarth (from David) and two girls who finished yet another year of school. Not pictured: some lovely 3-ply SW merino/bamboo sock yarn I finished on Sunday evening, and a couple of handdyed BFL tops in navy and turquoise. I can not believe how quickly the summer has gone by so far, and there's a bit more to come before autumn!

August's colors are purple and pink. Hmmm...I think I'd better hunt through the fiber stash and find something to take to spinning tonight that falls into those categories.