The dangers of having tall relatives

I was hoping, in some very out-of-touch and theoretical way, to finish a sweater before we left for the States. Then I was hoping to get a lot done on the plane (seeing as how I strategically seated myself away from the rest of my family...), and managed to get through most of the increases on sleeve #2.

Sleeve #2

That was all well and good. And since I got to see the intended recipient, I decided it might be wise to measure his arms and make sure that I'd made the sleeves long enough.

Well. That was a mistake...

I'd knit sleeve #1 to be 18.5 inches long at the underarm, the totally reasonable length suggested by my lovely sweater design software.

My Dad's arms require sleeves that are at least 23 inches long.


What kind of genetic mutant (no offense Dad!) has arms almost two feet long? It's not like I'm knitting a sweater for Larry Bird, right? Or Michael Phelps?

Suffice to say that my lovely father, having now waited five months for his birthday sweater, is going to have to wait a bit longer. I've got enough yarn, but the last skein is, predictably enough, on top of my washing machine in London. Bah! It's going to be nice though, once it's done...

Wave sweater