Sweater updates

I've been moving along in the sweater-production phase pretty steadily recently. Exhibit 1:


A finished almost-for-Dad-sweater, which needs to be photographed, packed up, and sent off to the US so I can get my brother to do a photo shoot for me ASAP. I'm hoping to have the pattern available by the middle or end of October. A vest version will follow shortly thereafter.

Exhibit 2:


Progress being made on sleeve #2 of my Dahlia cardigan A finished Dahlia cardigan being blocked. I had to cannibalize my failed Aleita Shell for the second sleeve, but I'm hoping to have it done by the end of the month it's actually almost done! Left to do: sew up the seams on the back and decide whether or not to make the front panels a bit longer.

Exhibit 3:


115 yards of dark grey Falklands, for the River Run pullover. This was the one color I messed up on in the dyeing process, by dyeing about half the yardage I actually needed (in my defense, I think that's a boo boo in the yardage requirements in the pattern, but whatever). I spun up another skein pretty quickly, but it took a few days to get the color close enough to work. It's not the same, but there's so much going on in the colorwork, that I'm hoping it will be good enough. But I'm about halfway up the armholes, so I'm feeling like it's moving along. By the end of the current repeat, I should be able to put in the neck steek. And then I'll be almost done with the body!


It's definitely turning into sweater-knitting weather here (even despite todays 25 plus degrees - WTF September?). I'm already itching to get the next batch on the needles. There's some handspun that needs to be knit up for the girls, and I'm having fits about doing Pas de Valse in overdyed alpaca again, so I might actually have to get going on that. And then there's this to deal with - anybody have any good handspun sweater suggestions?