Travel knitting again

While I was packing on Friday, I kept thinking of the knitting things I wanted to work on, and try out, and oh maybe I should bring that just in case. By the end of this internal dialogue and random collecting of yarn and needles and patterns, I had a pile of stuff larger then the pile of clothes I was bringing. Ehem. This is what happens when I pack for a trip and Himself isn't around to quell my hoarding impulses.

So I took a biiiiiiiig step back and realized that I really am looking at three major knitting times - two plane rides and knit night on Thursday with the ladeez (which, to be fair, is likely to involve lots of wine and food, and not so much on the knitting). So I whittled the pile down to:

1) the handspun Sprout Tappan Zee for the elder child-demon*
2) a hank of Cascade 220 Heathers and a bunch of charts from BW's books to try out some swatches for a new design

That was it, until I 3) tossed in a couple of balls of grey DK weight superwash merino to try for the Gherkin mittens that should have been released in pattern form almost a year ago...still, three projects isn't so bad, is it?

* so designated because, after arriving at our home for the week at 8:30 pm local time/2:30 am our time, she decided that 2:30 am local time was time to be awake. I managed to keep them corralled with a combination of threats, sheer force and DVDs on my laptop until almost 6:30, but I'm still considering child-icide.