It's that time of year when blogging becomes much more difficult due to the fact that I seem to find it impossible to remember to take pictures of things on the weekends when the sun is out. During the week, we end up getting home anywhere from 4:00-6:00 pm, and by then it is pitch black. And I'm no good at taking good pictures with a flash yet.

It's frustrating, because I've got two patterns that are test knit and ready to go, except for pictures. And there is now a large backlog of unblogged finished projects. Bah! For the moment, I'll have to settle for a couple of cell phone pictures of girl stuff from the weekend.

Boo in a handspun hat and Devil in a new handspun sweater

I have grand plans however, grand plans...tomorrow I am going to actually be at home during the day, and the weather is looking like maybe it will cooperate a little bit (i.e. maybe a drizzle early on, but no heavy rain. No sun either, but we'll see how that plays out). The plans involve me, a tripod, Himself's lovely fancy camera, my back porch, a confused dog, and hopefully some good pictures! Although I'm afraid Dev's sweater won't fit me...might have to pin her down for some pictures on Friday afternoon. If I'm lucky, I'll get enough photos for a really looooooooooong post on Friday to update you on all this stuff.