There is still knitting for Christmas

It's just that it's stuff I've been knitting over the course of the year. There are a couple of pairs of socks in the gift pile, and a scarf that I made a long time ago but don't ever wear, so it might as well go to a good home. And there's this sweater,

River Run Body

which is only slightly past this stage (shoulders are bound off), but desperately needs a steeking and a neck band ASAP. Like, tonight. Otherwise it's going to turn in to a birthday present three months from now.

I've managed a vest (no pictures yet), and a hat that needs a lining. There's a hat/mittens combo in the works for Devil (one mitten totally done, second mitten outside done (they are lined!), and a hat cast on), but I'm not sure I have enough yarn for them all.

Then there's the things I want to be working on, i.e. spinning up some new fibers to see if I want to carry them in the shop, starting to dye January's fibers, sewing the girls new nightgowns for Christmas Eve. And the things I have to work on, i.e. cooking, cleaning my house for the influx of personages on Thursday and Friday, setting up some things for the girls and I to do because OMG school ends tomorrow at noon. Oh yes, and photographing and getting out not one, not two, but three patterns that are more or less done except for decent pictures.

It's a crazy time of year, that's for sure. Thank goodness there is a full mug in my hands with the chemical structure of caffeine imprinted on the inside (both literally and figuratively).