A blast from the past, aka productive procrastination

So...last week I finished up the first of this year's secret knitting projects, and have it mostly packed up to go out in the mail tomorrow. I'm jonesing to get started on the next secret project (which has a killer-soon deadline - I will be mainlining ibuprofen and icing my wrists on this one I think), but I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive. Thus I entered the weekend with no active projects on the needles. Woe is me!

I rummaged through the active stash (otherwise known as the massive pile of crap next to the couch in front of the TV) and came up with a number of options: 2 different pairs of handspun socks (one for me and one for he whose birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks - eep!), a sweater design that needs to be ripped back to the armholes and redone, a hat for Boo that needs finishing (which seems less serious given the remarkable fact of Blooming Daffodils in February!) - all very worth projects, some with that almost irresistable shine of New! But then I got to the bottom of the pile, and realized that I had something that would suit my requirements admirably. In other words, I had a project that was not-terribly taxing intellectually (garter stitch), was easy to pick up and put down (small modular construction), was in horrific need of being finally finished (started in gulp 2008), and would be perfect for someone who's birthday is coming up quickly (like tomorrow). Behold, I give you, the long lost Sock Yarn Blanket (of Doom).

SYB 19-1-10.001

That was the progress I'd made as of 19 January 2010. When I picked it up on Saturday, progress was more at this stage,

SYB 25-2-12

which means I must have worked on it at some point between 19/1/10 and 25/2/12, but I have no idea when. It took me several tries (read: ripping out and reknitting 4 squares twice) before I managed to remember how I did the decreases before. God forbid I go look at my notes on Ravelry and save myself some knitting time, FFS. Anywho, several tries later, I'm now at this stage.

SYB 27-2-12

Three more squares to go, a bunch Metric Crapton of triangles (30 to be exact), and a border of some kind. I think I've figured out a plan for the triangles, and the border is just going to be more garter stitch. If Boo is lucky, it will be done by Devil's birthday.

In 2013...poor Boo!