More! New! Patterns!

Well, not exactly new, but newly available...

First up: Flip


I knit Dev this skirt umpteen years ago (it now barely fits Boo), but then never got her to wear it and/or stand still long enough for pictures. Finally managed that in the summer of 2009. And then managed to work up a pattern for it last week - nothing like four years from object to pattern!

The pattern is written for any weight yarn - you need to knit a good gauge swatch, but then it's a matter of plugging in some numbers (I used my calculator, so don't feel bad if you do too) and knitting around and around and around until it's long enough. I used self-striping sock yarn, but anything would work well.

Second: The Harpswell Vest

Harpswell vest

My poor Dad. The man celebrated his 70th birthday last spring, so I wanted to knit him something big. Little did I know how slowly handspun colorwork would go. Plus, it was a little busy for him. So I decided to knit him a textured sweater (blue of course!) of my own design. Then I discovered how big it would have to be (I'm looking at you 24 inch arm length). Ehem. So Dad got a vest for Christmas instead of a sweater for his birthday. In any event, he seems to like it.

Same stitch pattern as the Harpswell Pullover (which went to my brother, who has shorter arms thankfully), same classic fit (2-4 inches of ease), but faster to knit because hey, no sleeves!

You can buy both of these patterns from the Pay Patterns page, which also includes loads of other patterns and more details about sizing and suchlike.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going off to finish my Waterloo...