The hemp has won

So I've been working away on my Gemini, and I'm really pleased with how it's coming out. I finished the lace panel late last week and got far enough past the splitting off of the arms from the body that I could try it on and make sure the size was coming out right (hooray - it was!), and since then I've managed to get through 13 of the 15 inches I needed to do before starting the shaping.

But....(you knew there was a but coming) this yarn is really doing a number on my hands. More specifically, my right hand. I knit Continental/combined for the most part (except when casting on for some reason - why is that?), and find a lot of plant fibers tough to work with. Add to that the tumor big lump of bone deposited on the back of my hand while working as a ski patroller lo these many years ago (17 if anyone is keeping track), and the tendons running down the back of my right hand are waaaay unhappy with the hemp. Feeling no love whatsoever. Definitely not baked. Thankfully, I realized that this was becoming a serious problem yesterday and today I had a chiropractor appointment and got my wrist adjusted. Hopefully it will be feeling better soon, but I suspect I will be putting in limited time on the hemp-monster for the foreseeable future.

So this afternoon, instead of knitting, I tried washing some fleece (!). And then, because I couldn't help it, I picked up some wool yarn and started knitting some Fallberry Mitts in this lovely yarn.

I may or may not already be increasing for the gusset on the first mitt, but you'll never know the truth!