A letter of apology

Dear JoAnna,

I do apologize if my previous post caused you a bit of alarm. I can hereby categorically state that I will always be a Knitter. However,
Wait a minute...
I might also now be a crochet-er too...(eep!). But I have a few things to say in my defense.

First: I had this pile of Tahki Cotton Classic left over from a baby sweater I knit for a friend when we were in Houston. Said baby is now 8, and I made it for him when he was about a year and a half old, so they've been aging in deep stash for quite a while now.
the culprits
So I had lots of pretty colors, but not enough to really do anything with. So I put them in a bag together, thinking maybe I would crochet at some point, and I forgot about them. When this silly carpal tunnel thing came up, the bag had somehow migrated to the upper layers of stash, and I found it again. I can only plead absolute desperation as the excuse for my sitting down and actually pulling out a hook.

Second: I have tried to crochet before, on multiple occasions, and failed every, single time.
Uh oh
Apparently, that hurdle has been cleared*. And you know what did the trick this time? I'm crocheting left handed.

OK, to be fair, I am left handed, so it should not be a huge surprise that I can crochet left handed. But besides writing, I do most things right handed - I knit right handed, I draft (in spinning) with my right hand, I do most things in the lab with my right hand. This clearly explains why I also have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand, so the left hand had to step up.
What have I done?
Et voila!

Before you get worried that this means I'm going to be going on and on at great length about hooking in the near future, rest assured that there is still knitting - I even tried a few stitches on the Hemp Monster today, and didn't feel like I needed to amputate my hands. This is a good sign. But for the moment, it's just me, my mercerized cotton, and a little metal hook.
Resistence is futile
Forgive me, please?

Love and kisses,

PS - Congratulations on the new wheel!
PPS - And on finishing ConLaw!
PPS - And on your awesome new summer sweater! I'm afraid I don't have any other suggestions on the size problem though...and I'm jealous that it's probably warm enough where you are that you can actually wear it.
PPPS - I think I may have found out where tapestry needles go when they disappear right out from underneath your fingertips. They migrate to the deepest, darkest, hidden corners of the stash. See?
So that's where they've been...
I think those two little f*&^ers have been missing since 2005. They've been hanging out in the crochet stash. Because we all know she's never going to do that...be warned my little pointy darlings: there is nowhere left to hide!

* I must apologize in advance if you notice an increase in bad sports metaphors over the next few months. The 2012 Olympic Games are becoming somewhat omnipresent in these here parts...