Wool + 28 degrees = never mind

After loads of grey, wet weather, the sun finally burst on to the scene here in southeast England, bringing with it steamy temperatures and vast fields of newly exposed pale skin. The weather also made working with wool something of a trial, so my crafty energies have been redirected for the moment. After a trip to Dorney Lake in the sweltering sun, I decided that the girls needed new hats for the summer. Enter a bunch of cotton scraps and a lovely free hat pattern (link will download the pdf).

I managed to whip up a couple of these, including the cutting (which I hate with the firey passion of Mount Doom) in an evening. They were so quick and easy, that I've cut out pieces for three more, two for friends of the girls, and one for an impending baby addition to our circle.

Getting photos was a bit tough. First, the bad nighttime shots (I love that these are reversible, and that frog fabric gets me every time).

Then, the unwilling children shot.
And finally, a few candid shots.

Of course, having finished these, the past four days have been grey clouds interspersed with pouring rain. Just the thing for new sun hats and the half-term holiday!