Finishing frenzy

Well, the Olympics are over, and my goals for the last two weeks shifted from knitting a completely new handspun sweater to finishing off works in progress. I finished some Tour de Fleece yarn. I finished knitting a previously started handspun sweater. And finally, I got around to finishing these.
Pattern: Maggie's Kitchen by Mandy Powers
Yarn: various odd balls of Tahki Cotton Classic leftover from a baby sweater knit years ago in Houston
Hook: US D/3.25 mm
Comments/mods: this is a great first crochet project - easy basic design that is very straightforward, and allows you to switch colors at will. The pattern also gives five different edging options, so you can do all sorts of fancy bits at the end if so inspired. I loved it!

Now with a few potholders under my belt (that the girls have already swiped for doilies), I think I'm ready to take on something a bit bigger, like, oh let's say, a star-shaped baby blanket for which I may have already bought yarn? For the 9-day (!) old baby I was snuggling yesterday who is waaaay too small for his new sweater*?

* 5 lbs 12 oz, which is a quarter of a pound heavier then a week ago. He is eensy teensy and so, so gorgeous. And no, I'm not inspired to have another one: it's the perfect amount to be able to snuggle him while he's sleeping and full and happy, and then hand him off when things go south**.

** But oh my Bob is he beautiful!