Hello August!

Hello strangers! Ehem...my apologies for promising to attempt blogging about things other then the Tour de Fleece during the month of July and then promptly disappearing for four weeks. In the interim, I went to the Pyrenees for a week and packed up/moved house/started unpacking, so it's all been a bit nuts.

The Pyrenees were lovely, the weather was just the antidote to British Summer (TM), the "real" Tour (the cycling version that is) was spectacular, and while continuing to spin, I started a wee baby sweater for a baby due tomorrow.
Rest day projects
This morning, I wove in the last ends on the buttonband, and this teensy tiny sweater is now blocked and drying.
Little Oak
The pattern is Little Oak, the child sized-version of the Gnarled Oak Cardigan by Alanna Dakos, from Coastal Knits. A great, fast pattern (hooray for 6-month sized sweaters!), with enough interest in the yoke to keep it from being too boring. I'll give more details when I find some buttons and get it ready to go off to the Wee Lad for whom it is destined - hopefully finding buttons this afternoon will mean that he will realize it is time to evict himself ASAP, as his poor Mum is getting quite uncomfortable. However, I will hold off on button shopping until after I meete her for our dog walk this afternoon - I really don't want her going in to labor on Wimbledon Common!