Soggy feet and disappointment

So I have two hat design prototypes left to knit for this hat ebook release due in November. And, despite the size of my stash, I don't have any suitable yarn for these (the mind boggles!). Actually, it's not that I don't have suitable yarn: it's more that I have specific yarns in mind for these two designs (Cascade 220 and Madtosh) that is not in my stash, so yesterday I took a trip up to the Yarn Store (Not Local Except That Technically It's In The Same City).

There I was, trooping through the rain that suddenly arrived on Sunday after a couple of weeks of glorious fall weather, with no umbrella, having dropped one child at the bus, and one child at school. I emerged from the Tube station to find that the rain was pissing down. Waded through the puddles to the door of the shop, my mind full of the rainbow of incredible colors that are Madtosh, wondering what color is going to work best, only to find that...

...they aren't open on Mondays. Talk about a buzzkill. Not only was it raining, it was cold. And truly London-in-Autumn, which is to say, icky. And I had no lovely yarn to lift my spirits!

I've come upon the only possible solution however: clearly I need two skeins of Madtosh, one for the new design, and one to reknit a previous design (originally done in angora-blend, waaaaay too halo-y). Makes good sense, right?