In a little over one week, I will be hopping on a train and heading off to the wilds of West Wales for a weekend with about 30 other knitters, headed up by the lovely Brenda Dayne and the fabulous Amy Singer. To say that I'm getting excited would be a bit of an understatement, although the jury is still out on whether I'm more excited to be hanging around with other fiber people or escaping from my everyday life for a while...

In any event, it's getting on towards the time when I have to decide what I'm going to bring to this event. My mental list is enough to qualify for steamer trunks and Sherpas to get it all to Pembrokeshire. Since there is just me, I'm going to have to cut it down a bit, but honestly: how many clothes am I really going to need? (Correct answer: not many - is it ok if I wear the same shirt for four days?)

We have been instructed that we don't need to bring any yarn - there will be goody bags with everything we might require (squee!), or we can buy stuff at the small but fabulous marketplace that will be set up - danger Will Robinson! But if there's something in particular we want to bring, we can.  I do need to bring needles. And some stitch dictionaries. Needles and stitch dictionaries I have in abundance, so there's a good third of the suitcase gone already.

My big question to myself is: do I want to bring my new toy? I am waffling back and forth...I could bring it with me, but am I really going to want to spin? There's going to be so much knitting going on...on the other hand, spinning is a pretty good mindless thing to do while chatting with everyone, so it might work out ok. Hmmmm...I had coffee with a fellow P3-er this morning, who said I should bring it just because loads of people might want to try it out. Maybe Kevin Hansen will consider giving me a commission on new business?

Decisions, decisions. I suppose it will all get sorted out by next Friday, but I'm pretty sure that I will be the only attendee who presents a bag of skeined yarn and a printed out pattern for Today's Sweater.