Remember, remember...

I love Guy Fawkes Day. Not because of the terrorist associations of the holiday, or the burning effigies on a pyre thing, but because who doesn't love standing out in 3 degree weather drinking mulled wine and watching fireworks?

Anyway, the 5th of November seems like a good day to take stock of the state of my knitting world, and consider exactly how crazy the next seven weeks are going to be. I have a wonderful family, and I love knitting them things - we're at a stage now where pretty much everyone lives in a place where wooly goodness is a good thing. But, given the general state of affairs (and my time constraints), last week I decided that I'm not going to try to knit for everyone this Christmas. That's not to say there aren't going to be knitted gifts - I've been doing a bunch of hats recently, you may have noticed, so some of those may find new homes. I've also got a bunch of handspun crying out to be woven, which is way faster then knitting, particularly once the warping is done. So there will be weaving.

Then given all my good intentions and promises to myself of no more late night, panicked knitting sessions, I then promptly turned around and asked the girls what kind of sweaters they wanted for Christmas.


There is dyeing in my future (something new and different...). Boo wants green and purple stripes, and Dev wants colorblock in pink, teal, turquoise, bright blue and fuschia. Ow, my eyes!...I think I'll do Boo's yarn first and hope that Devil has a change of heart. Fingers crossed!