Still here...

I have no pictures for you today, I'm afraid. Events have conspired against me to prevent my being home in the daylight hours with reasonable light. However, Things Are Happening.

  • There has been pattern editing. Much editing. Progress is being made.
  • There has been dyeing. In fact, there is dyeing right now. All is fun with the pretty colors.
  • There has been running. And working. And lunches with departing office mates, etc. Busy work stuff.
  • Tonight, there will be swatching. Because, although it's not December (which means I don't actually have to cast on the girls' Christmas sweaters yet), it would probably be a good idea if I figured out what the crap I'm going to do with the stitch counts and such before Saturday. You know, so I can knit them eventually...
That's about it. Maybe pictures on Friday. Keep your fingers crossed.