So. Boring.

The fact that I have knitting that I can not talk about is really starting to irritate me. But two of the three projects are almost done! I think I can get away with a couple of teasers...Secret #1:
Secret #1
Please note colors have been adjusted to not represent reality. I'm on round 4 of 6 of the edging now. The end is in sight.

Secret #2 is done.
Secret #2
And needs to be packed up and put in the mail by the end of the week. So...there's a bit of knitting/hooking evidence for you. forwarned that I took advantage of Boo's second round of feverish cold over the weekend/Monday to finish off all of my spinning projects, to the tune of seven (!) skeins of yarn. And I started something new yesterday and finished the singles today, so Fiber Friday might be nine (!!!!) skeins of yarn to share.