Hello! Long time, no blog! It's been a crazy week, I tell you, absolutely crazy.

Let's start off with last Friday - I spent the morning at Wool House. If you haven't heard of Wool House yet, please head over to the Campaign for Wool's website and take a look. In short: massive, glorious exhibition of wool in all it's various guises and forms, from on the hoof to on the wall, or the chair, or the back. I spent two mornings in the last week demonstrating spinning for the visitors to the exhibit, and on Friday I ended up in a video with Allison. So if you have any interest in hearing/seeing me in virtual person, take a look.

Spending two mornings spinning was a fantastic opportunity to get a whack load of sampling done for Porpoise Fur.
Wool House Spinning
I'll share more details on those samples on the PF blog over the next week. And I have a grand post on Wool House planned, with pictures and details and lots of wool goodness for tomorrow. Today, I want to share the cutest face in the world:
Pattern: amigurumi walrus by Aeron Aanstoos
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Top (long since discontinued), 160 yds/4 oz skein in brown, about a third of a skein.
Hook: US G/4.0 mm
Start/finish: 19 Feb - 20 March 2013.
Comments/mods: first off, I'm totally embarrassed that it took me a month (a month!!!) to finish this thing. In real time, I could have been done in a week and a half, which is how long the crocheting took me. Then I faffed about not putting it together for another week, then I pretended that I didn't need to get embroidery floss to do the eyes, etc, etc, etc. Finally last night, while the girls were doing their homework, I took the 4 min to finish the eyes, and this morning I wrapped it up and it's waiting by the front door to go to the post office. #craftyauntiefail
The pattern was absolutely fantastic - clear instructions, lots of pictures to illustrate the assembly, and very easy to follow. This designer has a bunch of other absolutely adorable toy patterns (yes Sarah, including a narwhal!), and I will definitely be doing more of her designs. If nothing else, I need a porpoise...