Overcoming neglect

I am, in the best of times, a more-then-indifferent gardener*. I may start off with good intentions (let's plant some tomato seedlings and maybe some strawberries in containers!), but within a few weeks, my horticultural aspirations get forgotten/ignored/shoved aside in favor of other things. And to be perfectly honest, the same thing happens with my knitting projects more often that I care to admit...

Last week I was seized by some deranged enthusiasm for weeding, and I spent a couple of days yanking out piles and piles of one particular plant that was covering all the beautiful bluebells that have come up in the back garden. As I collapsed on the couch one evening after the girls went to bed, nursing my sore back and blistered palms, I was inspired to dig up another neglected item: my Whisper cardigan, knit in Malabrigo Lace in Paris Night.
Whisper in progress
Whisper in progress (2)
Now, I'm not sure that this colorway has much to do with Paris at nighttime, but it's a lovely navy blue with some subtle variegation. I had stalled out on the body, but my spurt of good intentions meant that I managed to get it to the called-for length before a vicious yarn barf episode resulted in broken laceweight.
Whisper in progress (1)
That made it a good time to start working on the sleeves (you probably don't recall, but I have modified the ever-living Bejeesus out of this pattern). As of today, I'm more then halfway through sleeve 1, and have every intention of finishing sleeve 2 by the end of the week. And if things go according to plan**, I should be able to finish the body in the next week. Which should be perfect timing, as we are heading off to the Norfolk coast for half-term, and we all know that going to the beach for a holiday means I'll need a sweater.

* And in the worst of times, positively Darwinian (i.e. oh, it's supposed to frost tonight? Oh well, we'll see what's still alive come morning...)
** Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! I'll just sit here and wait for the lightening strike to come.