21st century problem

Our router died last week. Just up and died without warning - no green lights, no yellow lights, no red lights, no nothing (certainly no Internet!). And since it's Himself's name on the account and we do not share a surname, he has to be the one to get the broadband company to replace the router*. And since he's been away at his college reunion and at a course for work over the last week, that has not happened. So I've been World-Wide-Web-deprived whilst at home. Hence the lack of posting.

Now that I've got some spare time and a handy dandy wireless connection (thank you London coffee shops!), I can catch up on the blogging. Today's news is a catch up of all sorts of useful and/or useless tidbits of Porpoise-related information.

Item the First: YitC: tGLYC (previously known as the Sooper Sekrit Project, aka the Great London Yarn Crawl) - we have just released the list of participating shops for this year, and I'm really excited about their involvement! We have visited a truckload of shops in the last 6 months, and this list includes some new venues as well as some very well established shops. There's a broad range of products represented and I hope that the Yarn Crawlers have an absolute blast! You can check out the list of shops here, and join the conversation on the GLYC Ravelry group here.

We also have posted about our charity partner, Refuge. Since Allison and I are organizing this thing as a community-building exercise (and perhaps as a way to justify our weekly trips to yarn shops to our other halves), we are not looking at it as a money-making venture. So any and all net proceeds from the ticket sales for the event will be donated to Refuge this autumn. You can read more about Refuge on the blog here.

Item the Second: Porpoise Fur has again been reviewed in Knitty, and the website has been totally redesigned and updated with a metric crapton of fiber. The fact that this happened at all this week is totally due to Allison, who fed me lunch and let me use her wi-fi. I am really excited with the redesign (which is 99% organizational, so the website looks the same - don't be surprised if you don't notice anything different!), and with being able to list so much product. Go check out the shop and see if there's anything you can't live without.

Item the Third: I have one stuffed toy, two successful sweater surgeries and some handspun to share. Stay tuned!

*Mental note to self: research routers and buy one of our very own so I can tell the broadband company to suck it.