Back to the spinning

This week I've been working on the black (brown, really) Shetland fleece I got at Wonderwool in April. I scoured it and began carding on my borrowed drum carder before the first stage, and today I finished the second pass of carding.

The fleece was really two colors: one a deep, dark black, the other more of a chocolate brown and grey mixed together. I originally thought I was going to keep the colors separate, but as I went through the first carding pass, I decided that this fiber needed to be a sweater, and in order to have enough yardage, I needed to combine the colors.

The yarn is coming out a beautiful final color, and I'm hoping for some really fabulous 3-ply at the end of it.

Bobbin 1 is done, and bobbin 2 is underway.

I've also managed to finish off my Hello Yarn Fiber Club spin for Brenda's Now in a Minute Shawl.
I'm thrilled with how this came out - I'm short by about 10 yds, and it's a bit heavier then called for by the pattern, but I think it will work fine.

So that's what the Tour de Fleece has generated in these parts - hopefully by the end of the race, I should have a sweater's worth of 3-ply Shetland to play with. And maybe a few other bits and bobs - the Shetland is going quickly, but I may feel the need for some color sometime soon! What's on your wheel for the Tour?

PS - If you are in London, or might be in London on or around the 21st of September, and you're interested in joining us in the inaugural Yarn in the City: The Great London Yarn Crawl, head over to the website and get your tickets now!