Random bits for Labor Day

Right. I'm just back from 10 days in the northern climes of England, and have waaaay too much energy to sit still and blog in a useful manner. However, I have several items of interest that are time sensitive, so here they are, for your edification:

Number 1: The Great London Yarn Crawl

This is the last week of ticket sales, so if you are intending to come and join us on our wild and wooly tour of London's LYS scene, you need to get your tickets before midnight London time on Saturday, 7th September 2013. Three of the routes are almost completely full (i.e. only 2-3 spaces left), so hurry over to the registration page to get yourself booked in.

Number 2: The Small Wool Gathering

After the fabulous P3 retreat last autumn (and spring, for that matter), it was with much sadness that the attendees learned that this year's event was canceled. Some enterprising P3 alumnae and their compatriot have taken it upon themselves to organise a smaller, simpler retreat occurring the same weekend (11-14th October 2013), featuring Amy Singer as the guest instructor for the weekend. Although all the residential spaces are filled, there are some day tickets available, so if you are interested in joining us, we'd love to have you!

Number 3: Because I need another project

One of the organisers of Number 2 and another P3 alumna have been clogging my Twitter feed with jabberings about a baby sweater knitalong. Because I do not have enough on my plate at the moment (see Number 1), I have succumbed to their entreaties. I do not have the correct yarn. I have not swatched. The knitalong starts on Wednesday. I do, however, have a wee nephew who will need a Christmas sweater. Right?

OK. Time to go for a run. The next post will feature updates on my wooly adventures in Yorkshire/Northumberland/Cumbria and far too many sheep pictures.
(told you so...)