One down, 4,592 to go

Et voila!
Ravensprings Scarf
This post could also be titled: Reason #1 to worship crochet and the ground it walks on - it's freakin' fast!

I purchased 2 balls of Noro Obi on Monday, cast on a loooooong crochet chain Monday night, was done with ball 1 on Tuesday, and ball 2 on Wednesday. Easy peasy lemon squeezy,  as my children would say.
Ravensprings Scarf (5)
Ravensprings Cowl
Pattern: inspired by Ruth's Ravensprings Cowl (also pictured, and also done in Noro Obi, from the RK Retreat)
Hook: US L/8.0 mm
Gauge: 2.5 hdc wide x 2 hdc tall = 1"
Comments: I took Ruth's simple but perfect-for-Noro pattern of casting on and working hdc until you run out of yarn, but did it on a much longer scale, and worked back and forth instead of in the round. I have no idea how many were in my base chain - I basically kept chaining until it wrapped twice around my neck and hung down an appropriate amount.
Ravensprings Scarf (2)
I originally intended this for my Dad, but Noro is tricky (hello surprise purple! And gold!), and it ended up being not as neutral as he would be comfortable with. Not to worry - there are a number of people on my list who this would be suitable for, so that's one more item done. Hooray!

Next up tonight: warping the loom. For something!