A theme

Over the last few days, I've been noticing a bit of a color theme in my surroundings...

There is purple and green absolutely everywhere! Various types of lavender in various stages of blooming, clematis erupting in my back garden, extraordinarily tall stalks with bundles of periwinkle blooms at the top. It's very striking and also maybe a bit creepy...is everything purple these days?

Thankfully no. There's pink and yellow and orange and brown and blue and turquoise as well. These photos are for next week's update (Wednesday 27th June at noon, BST).

This is going to be the last update until mid- or late August: we're moving house in the second half of July, so all the fibery bits and pieces will be unavailable for a bit. But the good news is that the new house has bigger dye space (hooray!), so I'll be back to throwing color on wool before you know it.

Happy spinning!