Fundraiser for Boston Marathon Victims

As you may know, I grew up in Boston, so the events of last week have been fairly traumatic all around in my household. Both my husband and I have many friends in the Boston area, and loads of running buddies, so we are very grateful that no one in our circle of friends and family were affected by the bombings beyond having to stay in their houses all day on Friday.

I'm running a fundraiser for The One Fund Boston, a charity set up by the Governor of Massachusetts and the Mayor of Boston to aid the victims of the bombings and their families. The US healthcare system has vast issues, but chief among them is the fact that sudden catastrophic injuries, and the therapy and technology required for functional recovery can bankrupt families before they can blink. All proceeds from the sales of my Travelling Hats collection between now and 15 July 2013 will go to The One Fund Boston. So please help if you can.

More details, and links to all the patterns can be found on my knitting blog here. Thanks!