2015 Tour de Fleece colourways: Le Havre

After a trip through the Netherlands and Belgium, the Tour route stays flat as it heads across northern France. On 9 July, the 192 kilometers of Stage 6 end in Le Havre in Haute-Normandie. Le Havre is the second largest port in France, so what else could this colorway be other then nautically inspired?

Le Havre on Ile de France

Le Havre on Ile de France

This colorway has the dark navy blue of the open ocean, combined with lighter blues of shallow water and a dash of red as an homage to the French Tricolore. When I look at this colorway, I get a mental image of Audrey Hepburn in a French sailor shirt and culottes, strolling along the boardwalk. Or Jackie O in the same nautical stripes and huge, oversized sunglasses. You get the idea...

A bit of ocean waves, a touch of French style, and gorgeous bouncy wool. What's not to love?

Like the others, Le Havre will be available for preorders from 10 May, and will only be available until the end of Le Tour - 26 July.