The sock drought

It's been almost four months since I knit a pair of socks (that I could share on the blog). That seems like a very long time for someone with the sock yarn stash I've got hiding upstairs. If we're going by that metric, this pair of socks barely count in the grand scheme of things (given that they are a) handspun and b) worsted weight yarn). However, I'm the one keeping score, so we're not going by that scale thankyouverymuch.

Tartan socks

Toe-up socks with 2x2 ribbing at the cuff, Riverbed sockitecture a la Cat Bordhi, finished last week, but ends woven in yesterday. I split the roving (a gradient dyed superwash Corriedale from Spunky Eclectic) in half lengthwise, and then split each half in half again to spin two skeins of (mostly) matching two ply yarn. Started with red at the toe and kept going until I ran out of yarn (thus explaining the short-ish leg length).

 New socks
Gimli inspects the new socks

I like them. G-man likes them too. They are just the thing to cure the winter blues, which is unfortunate since spring seems to have finally sprung. Guess that means it's time to weave in some ends on Himself's sweater, and finish the secret knitting.

FO: Some socks

I managed to get a few photos done yesterday.

Insect Wings socks

My new handspun socks, which I adore (although I realized when taking these pictures that one is shorter then the other, so I need to go back and add a bit of length...).

Insect Wings socks

Spinning this yarn was an exersise in trying to spin two skeins that would knit up into two matching socks. Ummm...actually, not so much, despite my best efforts.

Insect Wings socks

That is ok, because I am madly in love with these socks. And it's finally gotten cold enough that I might actually wear them!

Insect Wings socks

But it is hard to take pictures of your own legs that don't look funny.

Stats: toe up socks, size US women's 10/UK 8/EU 41 (otherwise known as porpoise-sized). I did an eye of partridge heel and calf shaping. Finished with about 3 inches of 2x2 ribbing.
Yarn: handspun Insect Wings BFL from Hello Yarn, two skeins of 255 and 254 yds, approximately DK weight. Spun as part of the Tour de Fleece 2010.
Needles: US 2/2.75 mm bamboo douple points.
Start/finish: 14 - 30 November 2011 (finished just in time for the November Sock a Month KAL)
Verdict: bliss

FF: Lincoln Socks

I am feeling a bit like the unblogged projects are piling up and I don't really know where to start. There's so much going on at the moment that blogging is taking a bit of a back seat, so I'm going to try and get some things posted just to keep them straight in my own head.

Handspun Lincoln socks

This is a terrifically craptastic nighttime picture of Dev's new handspun socks, made out of Lincoln that I dyed. Since Lincoln is a longwool, and I didn't want the yarn to feel like twine, I spun the singles at 7.25:1 and then chain plied at 6.5:1 - I'm hoping the length and strength of the fiber will keep these from wearing out too soon.

Pattern is a simple toe-up, short-row heel, worked in k3, p1 rib. I changed to k2, p2 ribbing at the cuff. And I managed to get them on to her feet for an even worse modeled shot.

Dev's handspun socks

Given that it has been extraordinarily warm here recently (they're calling for 28 degrees over the weekend - bliss!) (Also: WTF end of September? This is July weather. Of course, in July we had October weather, so maybe it's all evening out), these babies are destined for the back of the sock drawer for quite a while. Thankfully they're a bit loose, so she shouldn't grow out of them before December.

I hope...

FO: June/July socks


Pattern: Charade by Sandra Park
Yarn: Brooklyn Handspun Soft Strength, colorway "Persephone", from Knit Love Sock Club 2010
Needles: US 1.5/2.5 mm magic loop
Start/finish: 1 June - 15 July 2011
Comments/mods: This yarn arrived in one of my Knit Love Club shipments last year, and I wasn't sold on the yarn/pattern combination so it went into the stash. A year later, and it's become a lovely pair of socks.


This pattern is well written, with a really nice stitch pattern. The only change I made was to make the foot long enough to fit me. The socks are a bit tight around the foot, and not really my colors, so I think they're going to become a gift. If my grandmother were still around, I'd give them to her - I have fond memories of pouring over the Preppy Handbook with great fascination on our summer visits to her house, and this pink and green color combo would have been perfect for her.

Charade detail

I like the herringbone rib alot.

So, after two months almost, my June socks are finally done. Total pairs so far for 2011: 7, right on track. I've already cast on for August's pair - they're awfully fiddly, so I'm getting a head start.

At least something got finished in April

With all the rampant starting of projects (and willful ignoring of projects in progress - I'm looking at you River Run), I was sure I would end the month without any finished objects under my belt. Thankfully last week's 9 hours (cumulative) on the train to and from Scotland and a trip from London to Somerset yesterday meant that last night I grafted toe #2 of my April socks while getting all weepy watching Wills and Kate on the BBC1 highlights show last night*.

Finished Nornirs

Pattern: Nornir by Caoua Coffee, the round 2 pattern for Sock Madness 5
Yarn: Woolcraft Superwash Sock Yarn, bought for cheap cheap cheap at my semi-local haberdashery in December
Needles: US 1.5/2.5 mm double points
Start/finish: 1 April - 29 April 2011
Gauge: I am steadfastly ignoring gauge in my socks this year because I'm largely knitting them for other people. These are for someone in the States, and if they don't fit the intended recipient, I'm sure they will find a happy home.
Comments/mods: No mods from the pattern, although I knitted the large (72 stitch) size instead of the smaller version. I guess I originally thought they would be for me, but the slipped stitch/ribbing pattern coupled with a slipped stitch sole makes for a fairly inelastic fabric. They might actually fit me, but they'd probably be a bit tight, so I didn't even try. Off they go for a present instead.

The pattern was very nicely laid out and clearly explained. The stitch patterns used do eat up a fair bit of yarn, and take some time. At least it seemed like it took a long time. The leg is 82 rounds long, but the stitch pattern compresses quite a bit, so they aren't very high.

The bad news: I'm in Somerset, 3+ hours from London, I will be here until Monday, and I don't have the May socks with me. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!

* I was not terribly in to the whole Royal Wedding TM coverage by any stretch of the information, but was interested to see all the hoopla. Imagine my surprise when I found it all to be actually really wonderful - they were so sweet**, and I thought the whole ridiculous affair was fairly restrained as these things go***. Maybe that's a function of the Veddy British coverage that I watched - what was it like in the States?

** Must give huuuuuge kudos to Mrs. Wales, as the media circus has been unbelievable and I think she's nutso for having agreed to this whole thing in the first place. As an English friend pointed out to me, "Well, she must really love him." Amen.

*** My childhood memories of Charles and Diana's wedding includes a train the length of Westminster Abbey. That might be a wee bit exaggerated, but not as much as I'd like to think.