Boo-tooth equipped times three

I noticed this morning that Boo has a new tooth. Sort of. It's just barely broken through her top gum, but it's definitely there. That makes three chompers, and ushers in a new era in the mother-daughter-lactation paradigm. Devil had four teeth by the time she was six months old, but thankfully never got too in to biting me. We'll see how Boo does - since she's hell on putting absolutely everything she can get her hands on into her mouth, I'm a bit concerned that the boobie is going to become the next thing she tries to macerate into oblivion. Needless to say, Mama will not be impressed by such machinations.

She's also crawling...and I've realized that any babyproofing we did for Devil has long since fallen by the wayside. Boo's new favorite thing to do is to make for the router sitting on the floor in the living room, grab it, pull the cables out and chew on them. Not a good call sweetie, Daddy needs the internet so he can peruse the Times editorials.

As for knitting content...I'm hoping to update later today with an FO hat trick, but there needs to be some serious blocking done first. If not today, I'll get it up over the weekend, so stay tuned.

Monkey girls

Picture-heavy post with no yarn, and lots of kid pix. Consider yourself warned.

Last year we took Devil trick or treating on Halloween with our neighbors, who also have two small girls approximately the same age as Devil and Boo. Devil and her buddy A rode in the wagon, while A's sister slept comfortably in a stroller (being all of 2 months old at the time, she was not particularly interested in, nor impressed by, Halloween). The girls were a bit underwhelmed by the whole process (why are we going for a walk in the dark?), but the highlights of the night included:

1) Devil and A absentmindedly chewing on their candy without taking the wrappers off, and the realizing that there was chocolate in there! A actually ate an entire Hershey's Kiss with the foil still on. (The foil was rescued before it could be swallowed).

2) Some wonderful soul leaving a cooler outside their front door with a sign saying "Parents Trick or Treat". It was full of beer. Budweiser, but beer nonetheless. Porpoise was quite peeved at being pregnant and therefore the only parental figure not imbibing.

This year, we did it right. There was Devil-assisted costume production,

Halloween, etc 039

That sweater is the one I mentioned at the end of this post

Jack o' lantern carving (Boo was more interested in eating newspaper),

Halloween, etc 061
Halloween, etc 067

and finally, Devil and Boo were properly outfitted to head off to daycare in their matching monkey suits.

Halloween, etc 081

They had lots of fun trick-or-treating at Daddy's office.

Halloween, etc 072

Big spider!

Last night we headed out with A and T (princess and leopard respectively), and raked in the loot. No more were these girls content to sit in the wagon and be wheeled around. Oh no. "Mama, let's go to that house!", "Mama, let's get more candy!", "Mama, can you open this lollypop for me pleeeeeeease!" Unfortunately, the parental treats were not in evidence, but we got supplied at A and T's house and set off to wander the neighborhood for hours. Or so it seemed...

Halloween, etc 093
Halloween, etc 101
boo halloween

And at the end of the night, there were lollypops.

Halloween, etc 105

Uh oh

Notice: due to the impending arrival of All Hallow's Eve, and the fact that knitting and fiber play have pushed out vital costume construction activities, all fiber-related projects are hereby banned until such time as A) Porpoise has completed one (1) blue monkey costume and one (1) matching purple monkey costume (thankfully in a smaller size), or B) it's Halloween and my kids trick-or-treat nekkid.

Which, given the fact that we are in The South, is maybe not such a bad idea.

PS - Thanks Red Sox!

Boo-tooth equipped*

Right deity last week, wrong patient. Boo did manage to escape the wrath of the tummy bug from hell, but yours truly did not. By mid-afternoon last Tuesday I was starting to feel kind of wonky, and by the time I needed to be on the road to go see the Harlot, driving did not seem like a good idea. Particularly not an hour of driving through Houston's o-so-lovely rush hour traffic. So, crushingly, I stayed home instead of getting to see her. A great disappointment, since I really enjoy

her blog

and I knew it would be a good talk. In fact, I like her blog a lot more then I like her books (of which I own two). So be it. I'll get her the next time she comes to town.

My picking up the tummy bug from hell, plus Devil's somewhat inconsistent (hah!) attendance at daycare last week has made for not-so-much-progress on the knitting front. And even less on the spinning front - part II of the Tour de Wool posts is languishing with 1.5 samples left to finish, so I'm aiming to get that done this week and posted on Friday.

In other news, as the title indicates, Boo's first teeth have finally come in and she is a much happier little girl for it. When I walked into her class to pick her up on Friday, one of the teachers said "Ooooo, the good girl's mommy is here!" Apparently she'd been smiles, lightness and joy all day. Which made me wonder a) what is she like there normally? (gulp) and b) who else's child was the spawn of Satan that day to make her look so good in comparison?

*all credit for this pun has to go to Daddy Ironman, who is quite pleased with himself for coming up with it.

On the care and feeding of Devils, Part II

So last night I was sitting on the couch nursing Boo and perusing the latest issue of Newsweek. Devil took a break from zooming around the room singing about Old MacDonald's farm (E I E I OOOOOOO) to scramble up next to me.

D: Who dat Mama? (pointing to picture in magazine)

P: (chuckle) That's Homer Simpson.

D: (long pause) Dat's a monkey!

P: No sweetie, that's Homer Simpson. He's a TV character.

D: No Mama, dat's a monkey!

She may be on to something.