Fiber Friday - Back to the spindle

This past spring I joined the Hello Yarn Fiber Club, since I was feeling deprived of any ability to spend money on yarn (due to TGYD2007). It's the first club I've joined and it's been absolutely wonderful! Adrian does great colors, and the fiber is beautiful to spin.

Since the May fiber arrived before my wheel did, I spun it up on my spindle. The original roving was green and blue and brown, with lots of white sections in it. The colors when spun up were so much nicer then I had been expecting giving the way the roving looked!

Obligatory coin shot with much better natural lighting:

Another shot of the three skeins I've done so far - one of them came out really blue!

I also discovered why it's probably a good idea to rewind your singles off of the spindle on to some other holder (i.e. a toilet paper roll) before trying to ply them. I tried to slide the cope off of the spindle and onto the knitting needle I was using as a dirtbag Lazy Kate all in one piece. Needless to say, I failed miserably, and ended up with a big tangled mess! I managed to get it all wound back on to a toilet paper roll in the end, but it was loads of time spent winding when I could have been plying.

This is destined to be a Branching Out for someone as a Christmas present (maybe for me!). I'm hoping I have enough yarn, but if not, have no fear - I've still got 2+ oz of roving left to spin up.