Stash enhancement

Last week, after a particularly trying day at work, I arrived home to find a large package wrapped in brown paper sitting at my doorstep. A package I wasn't expecting. I opened it up to find this:

Rest assured that what was in the bag bears absolutely no resemblance to Maine potting soil. My aunt, a former knitter, has finally come to grips with the fact that she doesn't knit so much anymore, and had sent me some of her stash. I guess she heard about my Yarn Diet. Look at these goodies...

Good baby yarn, 100% acrylic and soft.

Some gorgeous colors in Lamb's Pride Bulky (these colors are so Aunt L).

Three skeins of Brown Sheep Cotton Wool (now discontinued?), that I think she got at the local Goodwill, because the price tag on them says $2.00. Why doesn't my Goodwill sell yarn?

Seven more skeins of Cotton Wool in a lovely brown, that didn't come out so well in this photo. At 160 yds/skein, there may be enough here for a sweater, as long as I don't get too adventurous. to dream of what to do next...

(WIPs? What WIPs? I don't have any WIPs! Shhhhhh....)