Fiber Friday - Yippee!


What's in the box Mama?


Is it for me?


Oooooooo! Hooray!


Thank goodness they included directions...




Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! (The clouds open and radient beams of sunlight stream down into my kitchen, even though it is 8:30 pm)

Two weeks ago, Iron Man basically sat me down and told me he was sick of hearing me pine for a wheel and I should just go and buy one already. So, being the obedient wifey that I am, I did (from here, which seems to be where I buy all of my fiber stuff). I then spent the next ten days in complete agony, peering out the front windows looking in vain for the UPS man. On Tuesday, when this beauty arrived, I had decided that if it wasn't on the doorstep when I got home, I was going to be calling to find out where it was. Thankfully, it was waiting when we got home.

Along with the wheel I got 2 lbs of Targhee top (my choice of giftee for the order), and they included a lb of some other top (the breed completely escapes me at the moment), some wax and some oil for the wheel. I immediately started spinning and filled up about half a bobbin, but I have not yet mastered the photographic skills (or the camera - must swipe IM's SLR next time) necessary to share that mess with you. Maybe next week.