How did it get to be Wednesday already?

Or for that matter, how did it get to be the middle of July? Time flies when you're having fun, I guess (or something like that).

I was all prepared to have a big photo shoot in my office today so I could show you some knitting, but I managed to not bring my camera with me. You'll have to be content with written description until I've remembered where I've left my brain and actually get organized again.

The Peapod cardi is done (knitting-wise) and sewn together, with ends woven in even. Now it just needs some buttons, and it will be good to go. Thankfully, it's intended recipient is still in utero, but now that his sweater is (mostly) done, he will probably make his appearance immediately(because we all know babies don't arrive until their knitting is done).

Coachella is proceeding - I've been working on it during my commute for the last little while. It's nice to knit something with 4.5 stitches/inch and size 8 needles when you've been doing socks for a long time. It just goes so quickly! Anyway, I'm finished with the top portion to the point at which I need to put the thing on waste yarn and try it on to see if I like how it drapes. Which is kind of hard to do on the bus. Although it might entertain my fellow commuters, who I suspect already think I'm a bit odd (since very often I sit there knitting away, reading a book, with ear buds firmly in place listening to the radio).

The new wheel is loads of fun, but seems to be slightly warped, as Iron Man noticed on Friday evening. I'm in the process of getting in touch with the vendors to see if this will be a major issue down the road, since it certainly isn't affecting the wheel's ability to produce yarn. The only thing affecting yarn production right now is operator incompetance (and two year olds who have decided that bedtime is really only a suggestion). I have already discovered however, that a 2-ply is definitely the wrong choice for some dyeing combinations, and will result in a very nice skein of cat barf - much better to go with my first inclination and chain ply the stupid stuff instead. There's always next time.