Crawling out from under my rock

It's been a very long week or so since my last post, with sick kiddos and late nights and too much rushing around trying to get things done before we head off tomorrow morning. I have no knitting to show because 1) it's all Christmas presents at the moment and 2) I haven't had any time to take pictures of anything. But most everything is mostly finished except for blocking (Endpaper Mitts and a pair of Dashings), sewing on of handles (Everlasting Bagstopper) and wrapping. The last Christmas project still outstanding is some Felted Clogs, which will be gifted in their unfelted state so I can be sure to get the size right.

Since I woefully little to contribute in the fiber arena, I'll pass along a very cool link from a friend - the Crocheted Coral Reef. Math and fiber together - I'm sure that's some geeky fiberhead's dream combination. Me, the math involved in hyperbolic crochet makes my head hurt just reading about it, but it does make pretty pretty things. Enjoy.