Last Friday night, I found myself alone in my living room with all the other inhabitants of my house fast asleep. IronBro and Walrus were visiting for the weekend, and Ironman and IronBro were preparing for a big race the next morning. I decided, in a sudden bizarre fit of neatnik-ness to clean out the WIP cupboard, aka our massive corner cabinet that houses the TV and piles and piles of my crap, I mean knitting.

And I found a whole bunch of stuff that I had forgotten about, including my two thirds finished Ivy. I started this sweater back in January, when I was about eight months pregnant with Boo, feeling approximately the size of a New England barn, and basically just tired of being an incubator. It was going to be the sweater that I wore this winter when I finally got my body back from being pregnant. I managed to get through one sleeve (which started off as a gauge swatch), the back, and was 10 rows away from being done with both fronts when I just stopped. Put it down, waddled away, and moved on to other projects. I don't remember why, but I suspect it had something to do with the arrival of Tin Tin and the loss of any spare moments or energy for the next few months.

Anyway, Friday night I was digging away in the back of the Cupboard o' Doom, and I pulled out a large bag containing some really pretty dark red yarn. And four pieces of a sweater. I pulled out the pieces and spread them out on the floor to see what I thought.

Ivy back and fronts

Ivy sleeve

And my thoughts were pretty positive: I love the color, the twisted stitches show up pretty well, and, most importantly, I think it's going to fit well. This is the part I wasn't really able to pin down when I started the thing - how do you know what size to make when you've got a massive hormonally-induced rack, plus the baby bump and a good 30 extra pounds? You guess, that's what you do, and this time I think I managed to guess right. So instead of trying to burn my way through a Mr. Greenjeans in time for Christmas, I think I'll take this with me and finish it off when the List is done.

Note I said "when", not "if". Unfortunately, there's no good reason for that optimism.