Tomorrow is D-day, the day of my friend's baby shower. And I forgot about it completely until Monday afternoon, when, in a sudden crystalline moment of realization, I said "Oh shit!" I racked my brains for a quick baby knit, while trying to maintain some semblance of productivity. It wasn't until I was staring at the bottom of the pool later that evening that I had a revelation: An EZ baby surplice (Rav link)! In stash yarn! I could feel the beams of light streaming down from the heavens even though it was a) dark and b) completely overcast even if the sun had been up.

So Monday night I cast on. The yarn I'm using (discontinued Cotton Top that arrived on my doorstep in a bag of dirt) is bigger then what is called for in the pattern, but I think that will work out well. I'm knitting the smaller size, and I think it will end up about 6 month size when I'm done. Given that my friend is on the small size, and the massive expandability of this particular pattern, I'm hoping that it will still work for her little one next winter.

Of course, having said that, I now realize that I've never met her husband. He's probably a 6'5" Oklahoma linebacker, and she's going to give birth to an 11 lb baby. It doesn't seem likely, but you never know.

Time to get back to knitting work.