To Boo, on the occasion of her first birthday

Hey baby girl. Here you are. Amazing, isn't it? A mere three hundred and sixty five days ago you arrived,

and now all of a sudden I turn around and you're doing this?

I think perhaps I should be a bit worried.

The night before you arrived I went in to your sister's room where she was sleeping in her crib, and stood there for a moment before heading off to the hospital. I was sort of sad. It wasn't that I wasn't excited about your joining our family, but it was the last time I was just going to be Devil's Mama.

What I didn't know at the time was how much fun it was going to be to be your Mama too. You are smiley and cuddly and give the best hugs. You eat approximately 12 times as much as your sister, and we know you're done when you sweep your hands across the tray and gleefully push everything on to the floor.

You climb up on every single thing you can - a few weeks ago your Daddy was in the kitchen while you were playing on the floor. He turned around and discovered that you had climbed up on the front of the stove, holding on to the door handle and planting your feet on the lower drawer handle.

You adore opening and closing doors. You crawl into the back hall or your room without us and close the door for fun (and then get pissed off and yell when you can't open it again).

You love the water and splashing around in it as much as possible. You are definitely my water baby, and I have grandiose plans for your Olympic freestyle career.

You chase your sister around the house, doggedly crawling around in circles while she happily laps you repeatedly. But it's not going to be long before you're giving her a run for her money I know.

Happy Birthday baby!

Love, Mama