Project Spectrum 3: Fire

Over the past couple of years, I've noticed these cool Project Spectrum buttons on numerous blogs, and thought it sounded like a pretty interesting idea. As someone who has 1) trouble deciding what to knit next and 2) has a pretty limited color "safety zone", the idea of theme knitting/crafting appeals to me. Wandering around Ravelry about a month ago led me to the PS3 group, and here I am, working on my first PS3 project.

Firestarter socks

Yarnissima's Firestarter socks. I picked this yarn up in my falling-off-the-Yarn-Diet-wagon splurge and started the socks this weekend. It's lovely and soft, if a bit splitty. This is my first experience with twisted stitches, and at 4 chart repeats (of 5) into the foot, I think I'm finally getting the hang of them. There have been many dropped stitches and vulger epithets thrown around in the meantime.

Being as it's now "spring" here in Houston, I've started work on a summery-type sweater - the Summertime Tunic from IK Summer 2007. I'm using Classic Elite Premiere, which is a 50/50 cotton/tencel blend. It is gorgeously soft, but I am again reminded of why I like wool better then cotton - it hides my tension changes so much better! Hopefully blocking will solve the problem.


The yarn is a gorgeous deep blue-purple. Unfortunately I've only got 5 skeins, so I'm adapting the pattern to knit top down. It remains to be seen if I have enough yarn to get the ribbing, etc done.

February Progress report

Secret project sock design
Ivy (hooray!)
Frosted Forest

In progress:
Duck blanket for Devil, somewhat stalled
Verdant - my first attempt at laceweight