The fiber keeps pouring in

According to the Yarn Harlot, Tuesdays are for spinning. Around here, Tuesdays are for fiber stash enhancement (or at least this Tuesday was).

From Little Barn:

march 011

Natural colored CVM (California Variegated Mutant), 8 oz. I've seen pictures of this wool around the Internets for a while and was really interested in trying some. It's a medium wool (at least to my fingers) and has neat variations in the coloring.

LBL 46

Something called LBL 46 on their website - 54-58s wool top, in gorgeous colors, also 8 oz. I think this will spin up into some nice tweedy stuff, maybe for another Zeebee. Or maybe some sock yarn.

Turquoise green blend

And the crowning glory: 65% alpaca, 20% merino, 15% silk in a color described as "Turquoise Green". Actually, it's really just green. But so incredibly soft!!! I got 8 oz of this too (maybe they only sell 8 oz lots?), and I have no idea what it will become. Alpaca is pretty inelastic, so maybe some laceweight/fingering weight for a scarf or shawl? Alternatively I could just bury my face in it for the forseeable future.

It may be time to call a moratorium on new fiber purchases. I've got way more then I'm able to spin up at the moment, and with the Fiber Club carrying on, its not like I'm going to run out anytime soon.

I'm still plugging away on the Verdant laceweight. I've finished one bobbin (about 2 oz) and have started the second. But jeez does it take a long time. I'm hoping to get it finished sometime in the next few weeks and ply it up so it can sit for a little while before I cast on.