FO: Devil's leftover socks

Devil socks

Pattern: my own, simple toe-up socks worked in k5/p1 rib, short-row heel
Yarn: leftovers from the Rainbow Socks, Lang Jawoll Aktion
Needles: well, theoretically US 1.5/2.5 mm, but I lost one needle partway through and substituted a US 1/2.25 mm. Didn't make any difference.
Gauge: 11 sts/12 rows per inch in pattern, unstretched.
Comments: These are finally done! It's been a long time coming. I made these extra long in the foot so they'll actually fit her the next time it's cold enough to force her to put on socks (like in December).

Some may notice that the stripe repeat is disrupted in one of the sock legs (which one?). That's because I finished the first one and ran out of yarn on the second leg, so I had to cannabilize the first to make them match. I totally guesstimated how far to rip back, but it came out pretty close:

Devil socks

Note small amount of yarn left after binding off.

I use the work two, put back on left needle, ktbl bind off method for toe-up socks, and realized this morning that I'm not particularly consistent about the orientation of the stitches (twisted vs. untwisted) when I'm doing it. I wonder if it makes any difference in the appearance? Perhaps there's a tutorial post in there somewhere.

These socks are my first contribution to the Sock a Month knitalong, which I just joined a few weeks ago (although it started in January). Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with at least one pair a month!