Knitter down

Knitting-type of progress has been slowed of late by a wee problem with my dominant knitting hand:

aching wrist

I seem to have managed to irritate the tendons/ligaments in my right wrist, what with general life events (aka cycling, grant writing, kid hauling, knitting, spinning, etc) and they are none too happy. So my chiropractor realigned the umpteen-gazillion bones in my wrist that were out of whack, taped me up like an NFL star* and sent me back out into the world. I get to wear this stuff for 14 days so the ligaments regain their normal non-stretched out and irritated state, and then all should be well (my fingers are crossed).

In the meantime, I can get this stuff wet, dirty, gross, etc because he set me up with a whole roll. This is timely given that I've got my second race of the season on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it, as long as the weather continues to cooperate and give us 50 degree mornings and 80 degree days (plus it would help if there was no Biblical Downpour as there was the last time I tried to compete in this particular event). If it's hot and steamy, aka normal Houston weather, it's going to be a long slog. I've been spoiled by the long stretch of really really nice weather we've been having.

My training has been going ok. Despite the fact that it's in the header up there, I don't seem to talk much about training or triathlons in this little spot of the blogosphere. This may be in part due to the fact that my energies are largely focused elsewhere these days. B.K. (before kiddos) Ironman and I trained alot, and trained together despite our relative velocities (I'm built for comfort, he's built for speed). A.K., that doesn't happen any more. Or hardly ever - we occasionally sneak in a swim together while the kids are still at daycare, but no more long Saturday morning rides, or trips up to Huntsville to run. I miss training together, but more then that I miss consistent training. Things are so much more harried now that my training schedule takes a serious hit - because of kids or work or just not having the motivation or energy to go out for a workout once I get home in the evenings. Which is why I do crazy shit like get up at 4:45am to go running or ride on the trainer - it's either that or it doesn't happen at all. It's coming back slowly, but for now I'm sticking to short local races that I can muddle through with half-assed training. Hopefully there will be more space for it farther down the line.

* In retrospect, I should have opted for the fluorescent pink or lime green tape colors, because this "flesh" tone is pretty boring. Something bright could be a good conversation piece!