How was your weekend?

Mine was just lovely, thank you. For whatever bizarro reason, spring in Houston this year has been absolutely beyond gorgeous - the hot, humid weather has held off for a surprisingly long time, giving us (fairly) cool, dry mornings and nice evenings to spend out on the porch watching the kiddos romp around in the kiddie pool and the sand box making a mess.

Race report: race went well, for the most part. The swim was pretty good, the bike was excellant, and the run was only ok (mostly because I was pushing the bike pretty hard). I had a good time, and managed to keep upright on the bike, which has been my downfall in the past. Interesting things of note: many more silly looking aero helmets, and many fewer disc wheels then I've seen at past races. It's funny what people choose to spend their money on - almost as funny as the folks who are however many pounds overweight arguing at great length over the relative contribution of 200 grams from Ultegra versus Dura Ace. But that's a rant for another post (or not).

My wrist is feeling much better (Must.Keep.Tape.On.Nine.More.Days.Aaaaaaaaaaargh!), but I'm in the midst of the multi-WIP-wasteland - several things on the needles, all of which have seen progress in the last little while, but none of which are particularly photographically interesting. Devil's little sock yarn skirt (Rav link) is cruising along, but there's only so much progress you can show day-to-day when it takes 10 rows to get an inch. The Summertime tunic is in the same straits - it gets less attention since it's not bus knitting, but 200+ stitches/row in stockinette takes a while to get anywhere. I've got one skein left after the one I'm currently working on, and I'm hoping when I start it, I'll be far enough down the body so I can start some lace for the bottom section. Of course, that requires that I pick out some lace pattern to use, which requires actually attention/thought about what I want, and that motivation seems few and far between these days.

After the massive sock explosion of the last month, I'm loath to cast on any new ones, but I have a pair that have been languishing in the last stages of finishing for going on two years now. Is it cheating if I finish those off and use them for this month's contribution?

Finally, the North Roe shawl continues to be lovely and engaging to knit, I'm really enjoying the striping, and the way the lace looks blocked out. But (and there's always a but). I'm going to run out of yarn. Which means that I'll have to spin some more. Which is not really a problem except that it means pulling out the rest of the top, laying it out, finding the right color repeat, excising that section of top, splitting/predrafting/whatever it was I did last time around, and then spinning some more laceweight. Again with the lacking of motivation.

Who knows when all these things will get done? Although the lack of in progress reporting should theoretically lead to an explosion of FO posts, right?

Speaking of progress reports:

Firestarter socks
Spiral Boot socks
Verdant laceweight

In progress:
Summertime tunic
Devil's sock yarn skirt
Basalt tank revisited
North Roe shawl

I promise I'll have pictures next time.