Remember me?

I apologize for the lack of posting these days. I'm in the midst of writing a 5 year grant proposal and enjoying life as a single mom for a bit, so in the evenings my free time is taken up by knitting to Buffy Season 4 and not so much by the computer. But it will soon be over.

I actually have two mostly-FOs to blog about: I finished Devil's skirt, but need to get some ribbon for the drawstring and finish the finishing (my favorite part!). I've also finished the top-down interpretation of the Summertime Tunic, but that piece also requires finishing (darning in all those damned ends!) and, surprisingly enough, some ribbon for the straps. My excursions to anything that might be vaguely called a sewing store in Houston have been pretty much limited to Michael's and JoAnne's, neither of which have great ribbon selections. Does anyone have any good ribbon sources in Houston?

In order to distract you from the lack of posting and FOs, I'd like to introduce you to my new long-term (reeeeeeeally long-term) project: The Sock Yarn Blanket.

This absolutely crazy lady (and I mean that in the best possible way) looked at her pile of sock yarn scraps and decided to knit a mitered square blanket with them. Seems like a good way to use up that pesky few grams of sock yarn that always seem to be hanging around after you finish a pair of socks, right? Right I thought. So off I went.

And that's when I realized that, while I have a bunch of sock yarn scraps, I don't really have that many. So this project is going to take me a really really long time to complete. I'm not doing a full sized blanket (I am not that nucking futs yet) - mine is going to be a kid's blanket, probably for Scud*, and will end up being approximately 28 x 40 inches. Here's the schematic:

sock yarn blanket layout

Instead of doing garter stitch squares, I'm doing mine in stockinette, so I'm planning a garter stitch border around the edge to keep the thing from curling too much. Plus some kind of soft fleecy backing so I don't have to weave in all those ends (per E's suggestion at my Wednesday knitting group).

Here's my somewhat slow progress to date:

SYB progress 5-15

Is there any chance I'll finish this before Boo leaves for college? Anyone have any leftover sock yarns lying around that they'd like to donate? I'll send you good chocolate...

* I've decided this is Boo's new nickname following a trip to the zoo on Mother's Day. She wants to walk everywhere now instead of being held, but her attention wanders quite a bit so she weaves all over the place. And more often then not, misses her target. Truly entertaining unless you're in a crowd and she starts bouncing off people's legs!