Mama, are those cars?

There are lots of downsides to living in Houston, starting (and ending I guess) with the weather from about the end of March through November. This year we've gotten lucky weather-wise, and yesterday we ventured out in the first 100+ heat index days to partake of a Houston tradition - Art Car.

Now I'm annoyed that we never went before - it was incredible (and, as Ironman pointed out, something that would not be out of place in Brattleboro) and far outside the normal Houston scene.

There were dog cars (which the girls loved),

art car 073

art car 010

and all sorts of SE Texas critters. Like an alligator,

art car 056

A cockroach,

art car 067

A chicken,

art car 045

And a redneck in an outhouse.

art car 044

Then we had the political statements. First off, the M-Peach car,

art car 005

art car 006

And then a not-really-work-safe favorite, the Missile Dick Chicks,

art car 025

art car 058

complete with erect figurehead, and preceded down the road by these two fellows:

art car 057

The crowning glory were the bumpstickers they were displaying "Cheney-Satan, 08".

art car 029

The grand winner was The Lady of Transportation, a truly impressive contraption.

art car 049

Those are VW Bug hoods up there at the top

My two favorites were The Sashimi Tabernacle Choir,

art car 020

240+ singing fish and lobsters, who all moved in unison as the car went down the road

and, of course, The Yarn Car.

art car 065

More photos here for anyone who is interested. Next post: some type of finished object, I promise!

5/12/08 ETA: Tom Jones, curator of the Art Car Museum here in Houston, was killed in a tragic car accident early Sunday morning following the parade and festivities. Read more here. Thank you Tom for such a wonderful event and for bringing more beauty and joy to the streets.