Some tropical island vibes for Friday


Sand, turquoise blue water, green palm trees, fluffy clouds, stunning skies

Picture 487

Brilliantly luscious, 18 micron merino wool, colorway Maldives, handdyed by Adrian, for the Hello Yarn Fiber Club. I think this was December's offering, and it's been hiding in the closet for too long.

When the latest issue of Spin Off arrived last week, I was suddenly obsessed with Theresa's lined mittens (Rav link). Devil and Boo need mittens. Clearly. So I pawed through the fiber stash and pulled out this stuff. I split the roving (more or less) in half lengthwise, spun it densely, and chain plied to maintain the stripes.
Spun/plied at 10:1, worsted (short forward draw).
2.9 oz/81 g, 155 yds, 11 wpi post-wash (hot/cold/thwack fulling method)

I think I'll pair it with either some Nature Spun sport leftover from Turkish Walrus (the blue-purple) or with some superwash merino I got in Italy and used for a rollneck sweater for Devil (also blue-purple). It's either that, or break down and bust out the dyes to get some custom colorway for the lining. Probably faster to use the stash yarn...

Nature Spun sport

I think it will match pretty well, and it should be the same weight. And there's still 2 oz of this fiber left to spin up. I'm pretty sure I can get a pair for Devil out of this skein, but two pairs is a bit dubious. The other 2 oz will probably end up as Boo mittens. And maybe they'll actually need them somewhere (not too far) down the line.