Oh bugger, or: I should have believed in EZ

The sock yarn blanket has been limping along. Wait, no it hasn't - I knit six squares and then chucked the thing in the closet for a month. At my last Knit Night*, I brought it out again, since I got a pile of sock yarn scraps from various people. I looked at the "squares" I had (and by "square" I mean "oddly-shaped trapezoid"), and decided to try a garter stitch square just to see how it looked.

SYB in progress
Oh, this is a whole 'nother ball o' wax kiddies

On Friday I was stuck at home with the AC guys, again, and I obsessively worked on garter stitch squares. So I went from this

SYB progress 5-15

to this

sock yarn blanket layout

to this (!) in less then 24 hrs. Now I'm stalled out again working on other projects, but I'm much happier with how this is working out. And knitting every row is so much nicer then all that damn purling!

SYB progress 6-13

* we had a destash/swap party at Whole Foods and I got rid of a bunch of stuff, and ended up with much, much more. 2200 yds worsted wool in blue/grey/brown anyone? I sense a cabled Ironman sweater in my future. Assuming we do move across the pond that is, because I'm not actually trying to kill him by heat stroke.