Do blueberries have thorns?

While I was at my conference, I took a couple of projects to work on, but the one that kept me knitting obsessively between sessions was Brambler by Anne Hanson at knitspot.

Blueberry Brambler

This pattern is beyond addictive,as Anne kindly noted in her blog posts. It's a six row repeat, over 37 stitches, so it's pretty easily memorized. This is the first lace I've done that was worked on both the right and wrong side rows, but it's so straightforward that you don't need the chart after a while. And since it's done in fingering weight yarn, it is zooming along.

I'm at 33 out of 36 repeats when disaster strikes:

Blueberry Brambler

I'm going to run out of yarn. And I didn't bring the spindle and the rest of the roving with me. So this beautiful scarf, that I am having so much fun knitting and is going to be so fabulous once it's blocked, will have to wait until I get home and can whip up some more yarn. Damn! I am not into this delayed gratification.