I love swaps

Even though this is the first one I've ever done. What could be better then getting a big pile of goodies in the mail out of the blue?

HHHH loot

My Hush Hush Handspun Hootenanny loot from Liz:

1) a beautiful skein of greeny bluey orangey 2-ply handspun loveliness that is going to be a winter hat for me
2) a 4 oz braid of handdyed domestic wool from Poppy Flower Fibers
3) a cute sheep card
4)2 oz of handdyed bombyx silk (!) from Miss. Babs
5) some fizzy bath treats
6) last, but not least, some sock yarn leftovers for the blanket!

What fun! A new fiber purveyor, a new fiber type (what in the everloving heck am I going to do with that silk? I can't spin it - it's too gorgeous!), cute sheep and sock yarn scraps.

Thank you so much Liz! I can't wait for the next round.