SYB Update

I have slowly been plugging away on the Sock Yarn Blanket. It is a much better project to work on during the Olympics then my actual Ravelympics project - lace and beads do not make for good TV watching. Although they do make for much muttering and cursing from my corner of the living room. For the same reasons, the SYB is a good Thursday knit night project - I am much more successful if I talk and knit garter stitch at the same time.

Here's the current state of affairs:

SYB progress 8-13

Slowly but surely it moves. I think I'm now 20% done, so maybe by Christmas? Of course, if I finish this one for Boo for Christmas, I'll have to get the Duck blanket done for Devil, just to be fair.

I'm starting to think about how to fill in the missing triangles along the sides. I can't decide if I should try to keep the orientation of the garter stitch ridges, or just pick up one stitch in the valley and knit a triangle to fill in. Any suggestions?